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Kaza is a leading furniture retailer in Israel, with a presence in physical stores as well as online through their e-commerce website.

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Tools we used

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Kaza, one of Israel’s leading furniture retailers, came to us with the goal of improving their e-commerce website. They were using SAP ERP to manage their inventory, products, and prices in their physical stores, but they also had a separate e-commerce website using WooCommerce. This meant they had to enter the same information in two different systems, leading to problems with accuracy and efficiency.

To resolve this, we developed a custom solution for Kaza using WordPress and WooCommerce that fully integrated with their SAP ERP. This allowed for the seamless synchronization of all data, including categories, products, images, prices, sales, multi-warehouse inventory, invoicing, and more. As a result, Kaza no longer had to manually update their website and could trust that it was always up to date with the latest information from SAP, enabling them to focus on growing their online sales.

What we did

  1. Built a custom theme for WordPress
  2. Developed a plugin that will enable the seamless synchronization of all data between the SAP and WooCommerce
  3. Ensured that the website was always up to date with the latest information from SAP