about us.

At rgbcode, we offer development services like many other agencies, but our approach and dedication sets us apart. We are proud of our commitment to our work, our clients, and our code, which has been a cornerstone of our company since its founding in 2015.

meet your team

Our amazing team is truly dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and quality to our clients. Our diverse backgrounds and skills allow us to bring unique perspectives to each project.

  • Ali Raza
    Ali, an adept developer, explores new tech stacks for fun. In his free time, he loves diving into exhilarating PS5 games.
  • Jozefin Bashaj
    Jozefin is a passionate developer with an eye for interactive design. He enjoys family time, football, and exploring tech.
  • Oleh Synkin
    Oleh is a creative developer who enjoys drawing, cooking, and playing the ukulele. He is also a fan of good food and movies.
  • Yan Aleksandrov
    Yan is a developer who values clean, understandable code and is always seeking innovative, elegant solutions to problems.
  • Alexander Kanevets
    Alexander is a passionate developer who loves all things code. In his free time, he enjoys reading literature and playing Dota 2.
  • Vadim Belostok
    Trained as a lawyer, but a coder at heart, Vadim lives to program. His perfect chill recipe? Family, friends, and groovy tunes!
  • MD Nahidul Islam
    Nahidul is an exceptional team member who combines his friendly personality with his strong development skills.
  • Vitaly Kazak
    Senior Developer
    Vitaly is a senior developer who strives for perfection. He enjoys coding, watching games, and spending time with his family.
  • Ebrahim Deen
    QA Engineer
    Ebrahim, a savvy QA & Automation engineer, turns debugging into an art, spotting even the sneakiest bugs with style!
  • Alexey Kovalchuk
    Team Lead
    Alexey is an outdoors enthusiast and a valuable member of our team. He enjoys sports, hiking, and photography.
  • Mykola Trotskyi
    Senior Developer
    Mykola is a talented senior developer who works hard to build and maintain high-quality systems for our clients.
  • Ruslan Minnibaev
    Senior Developer
    Ruslan is a fantastic and responsible developer who loves nature, reading and spending time with his family.
  • Evgeniy Zhmailov
    Team Lead
    Evgeniy, a senior developer, is an asset to our team. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his dog and playing table games.
  • Dmitrii Borodin
    Project Manager
    Dmitrii is a dedicated project manager who delivers projects on time and within budget. He also enjoys designing and surfing.
  • Anna Tomashevskaya
    QA Lead
    Anna is a skilled QA engineer and SCRUM master. She is fluent in Dutch, Russian, English, and Hebrew.
  • CEO & Founder
    As CEO, Kirill leads our team with a passion that is evident in all of his work. He inspires the same drive in his colleagues.
  • Iryna is known for her kindness and respect for others. She enjoys chess, yachting, and a glass of Guinness in her free time.
  • Michael Belau
    Team Lead
    Michael is a skilled team lead who loves his work. In his free time, he enjoys escaping to nature to relax and unwind.