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Literally Media

Literally Media offers the biggest portfolio of digital comedy and culture brands, offering enduring content loved by 40 million people worldwide.

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Tools we used


Literally Media approached us with a design they had already created and hired us to turn it into a functional website. We chose WordPress as the platform and developed a custom theme based on their design. The finished product perfectly captured the look and feel that Literally Media was going for, meeting all of their requirements.

What we did

  1. Developed a custom WordPress theme based on the design provided by the client
Client testimonial
Daniel Ravner linkedin

As an agency, we get to work with many different clients and many different vendors. It’s not easy finding a development team that fully understands and accepts the ongoing responsibility of an online project.

Michael, Kirill, and the rest of the rgbcode team excel in this aspect (among others). They are available, professional, cordial, and get the job done. It’s true for day-to-day stuff, and doubly true for the emergencies that are bound to happen.