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Synergio is focused on reshaping the consumer goods industry with smart ingredients for healthier, sustainable products.

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Tools we used

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Synergio approached us with the goal of building a new website to showcase their company and products. We determined that WordPress was the optimal solution and set to work on a custom theme. The result was a visually stunning website that perfectly showcases Synergio’s products and aligns with their values and mission.

In the process of working with Synergio, they approached us with the need for a dynamic, customizable QR code solution that could be easily updated and printed on all of their products. We were able to deliver a solution that not only met this requirement, but also funneled all QR code traffic through Synergio for better branding. Overall, we are proud to have partnered with Synergio on this project and helped them enhance their brand and meet their business needs.

What we did

  1. Built a custom WordPress theme to fit the project requirements.
  2. We created a custom plugin for the Synergio website that enables the generation of QR codes and redirects all QR code traffic through Synergio for improved branding and QR customization
Client testimonial
Daniel Ravner linkedin

As an agency, we get to work with many different clients and many different vendors. It’s not easy finding a development team that fully understands and accepts the ongoing responsibility of an online project.

Michael, Kirill, and the rest of the rgbcode team excel in this aspect (among others). They are available, professional, cordial, and get the job done. It’s true for day-to-day stuff, and doubly true for the emergencies that are bound to happen.