custom development


WhileFly is an onboard in-flight content and entertainment system for low-cost airlines companies

Tools we used


The WhiteFly team approached us after securing a major investment in the Israeli shark tank. They had an ambitious vision and needed a partner with the expertise and resources to bring it to fruition. We rose to the challenge and developed a custom system that met their needs and stayed within their budget. The project presented a unique challenge: delivering up-to-date content to hundreds of passengers without internet access, using underperforming servers with limited resources. Despite these constraints, our team delivered a solution that exceeded WhiteFly’s expectations.

What we did

  1. We split the project into three servers: Ground Server, Content Server, and Aircraft physical server.
  2. Ground Server on WordPress to manage content on the ground.
  3. Content Server on AWS S3 to allow data sync between all endpoints.
  4. Aircraft server, built with Electron, Laravel, and Vue.js. An isolated environment is located on board. Responsible for delivering the content to the passengers.
  5. Integrated with ADSB receiver to get data such as latitude, longitude, and plane location.
Client testimonial
Yosi Avraham linkedin
CEO and Co-Founder

Evgeniy and the rgbcode team have worked with us over the last two years. Together we built a game-changer solution in the inflight entertainment market. Thanks to the creativity of this group and thinking out of the box we could achieve performance that none of our competitors could get even closer.

Being smart, taking risks, and working fast are the gradients of a startup that wish to succeed. rgbcode has them all. It was a pleasure working with them and we are looking forward to adding more new ideas to the benefits of our passengers.